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@ New Items Just on The Market, Hot !
@ Magnetic Snaps for Purse and Handbag
@ Bamboo Handle, Toggle Buttons For Purse, Cigar Box
@ Purse Feet
@ Bamboo Handle For Cigarbox, Jewelry Box or Wood Boxes
@ Purse Handle Hooks
@ Plastic Purse Handles
@ Conner, Hinge, Latch, Handle Clamps, Chain Hanger &  Empty Plain Cigar Box For Cigar Box Purse, Jewelry Box or Wooden Box
@ Metal Purse Handles
@ Metal Cigar, Jewelry or Wooden Box Handles
@ 4", 6" and 30" Ball Chains, Bag Tag Chains, Dog Tag Chains, ID Tag Chains - 5 Colors  - In Stock
@ Purse & Handbag Chains  - By Piece or Roll.
@ Beaded Handle Frame For Purse/Cigarbox
@ Purse Frames, Handbag Frames
@ Beads For Jewelry, Neck Lace & Beaded Handle Frame
@ Paper Tags, Fiber Tags, I.D. Tags
@ Cord Locks, Cord Stoppers
@ All Beaded Handle for Purse/Cigar Box
@ EasyWay To Order Beaded Handles
Handle Size
End Tip Color
Beads: (Handle #)
<Click> Detail Descriptions - Easy Way to Order Beaded Handles
@ Plastic Buckle, Snap Hook, D-Ring, O-Ring, Square-Ring, Tri-Ring, Ladder Lock, Pet Lock, Shoe Lock, Lanyard Lock, Glove Hook, Cap Slider, Stud, Twist Lock
@ Rattan Handle For Purse and Handbag
@ Wooden Handles
@ Plastic Snap hooks for landyard, key ring, handbags, travel bags and any webbing
@ Bermuda Wooden Handles
@ Golf Balls and Golf Tees